To train professionals in education who respond in a humanistic, critical and creative way to the requirements of today’s society, with optimal skills to attend Elementary education.


  • 8 Semesters
  • Morning Shift
The main competences developed once the degree is obtained are, among  others:

A. Personal Dimension

  • To solve problems and make decisions using their critical and creative thinking.
  • To identify the learning processes of their students to promote their cognitive and socio- emotional development.
  • To design plans by applying his curricular, psychopedagogical, disciplinary, didactic and technological knowledge to foster inclusive learning spaces that responds to the students’ needs within the framework of plans and programs.
  • To use the evaluation in order to take action in different areas and moments from the educational task to improve learning in students.
  • To act ethically in the face of the diversity from situations that are presented in the professional practice

B. Community dimension

  • To collaborate with different participants to generate innovative projects of social and educational impact
  • To collaborate with the school community, parents, authorities and teachers, in the decision making and development of alternatives to solve socio-educational problems.
  • To use critically and responsibly the natural resources, preserving ecological balance, faced with the awareness that develops the role we have in the face of nature, in the face of destroying one’s habitat.

C. Religious Dimension

  • To seek respect for human dignity, social justice and the common good in decision making, recognizing these elements as important components of Christian love that we are invited to live.
  • To discover their vocation and respond to it with generosity.
  • To recognize their apostolic commitment and put it into practice by serving society with love and generosity.


Katia Niño de Rivera

Bachelor in Elementary Education Coordinator

  • (81) 8073 0086 - 91 Ext. 114
  • coord.licenciaturas.lep@colegiolabastida.edu.mx


7:45 A.M. – 2:30 P.M.

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