With 100 years of tradition, Colegio Labastida continues to be a bilingual Catholic educational institution whose mission is the humanistic, integral and harmonious formation of children and youth.

Faithful to the educational ideal of Father José Antonio Plancarte & Labastida, the congregation of the Daughters of Mary Immaculate of Guadalupe have the vocation to guide and train each of their children, starting from the essentials: the “Education of the Heart”, based on will, values ​​and in Christian love.


Greetings dear sisters, parents, teachers, administrative staff, support staff and dear students. It pleases me to welcome you to this new school year.

Our classrooms, halls, and courtyards are filled with life and joy for you dear students, who are the soul of our school and the main reason for our work!

We welcome new students who are joining our Guadalupana Plancartina Family, as well as our current students who will continue in this process of personal and academic development with us.

This year we will have new challenges achieving excellence in all areas of the teaching and learning process. It is also very special because, together as a true family, we will give thanks to God for his mercy throughout these 100 years.

You, dear Students, are not only building your own history, but also building the history of our beloved College both of the present and of the future. That is why I invite you to discover and make the most of the great potential that exists within you in that new school year to be good students and excellent Christians, disciplined and constant in your daily duties.

You, parents, we thank you for the trust you place in our school to collaborate in the education of your children. Our response to this trust will be to form true Christians capable of responding to the demands of society, autonomous people and capable of working as a team. Dear Parents in the boat we go together and working together we will reach the goal set.

Dear teachers and administrative and support staff, let us remember the words of our beloved Father Founder: “Nobody better than you know that more is taught by example than by words”. Our mission is great and we must fulfill it with the greatest fidelity since they are souls that God has trusted in our hands and we will render accounts of them to God. We will constantly implore the presence of Saint Mary of Guadalupe so that it may be the guide that leads us to God at all times. Let’s be true witness of God.

Dear Guadalupana Family, it is a pleasure to welcome each one of you to this new School Year 2019-2020 that we are beginning. We are all in the same boat and we row together towards the goal. United in one voice let us place our hearts to thank God for these 100 years of trajectory of our beloved school Educando en Nuevo León with courage and trust.

May God and Saint Mary of Guadalupe accompany us during this journey that together we will travel.

In good time you are all welcome.

María Sara Bartolo Escobedo HMIG



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